Game Closet Event
Wacon 2013 Wacon 2013

Merchandise Dealers

Confirmed Dealers:

White Lion Games

The Game Closet
Reaper Miniatures
Myrridin Games
Amtgard: the Barony of Kaembryge
Custom Dice Bags
Dreamscarred Press
Knyte Technologies, LLC
Dragon Rising Games
North Texas RPG Con
Filip Johnson - Beastman Caravan
Ariel Hardy - Aadvark Tees
Bob Allen - Bob’s Weekend Wonders
Will Statesczny - Topwise Games -


Elizabeth Vondran - Myzkyti Cosplays
Bert Arista - Arista Illustrations
Dave Killingsworth - Brave Frontier Studios/SolarFlare Games
Greg Peters - Caricatures

There are still a limited number of dealer spaces available.
They are $200 for the full three day weekend. Dealer booth include an 8ft x 10ft space and two 8ft tables with chairs are supplied. This fee also includes two weekend badged. Up to two additional weekend badges may be purchased for your staff for only $20 each. The additional badges may be purchased when you check in on site. If you have an special requirements such as extra power please let us know.
For info booths and artists booths, we have a separate area setup. The booths in these spaces are $75 for the weekend. These spaces will include a single 8ft table, but ample space for you to setup bring your own additional setup items (table, easel, etc) to display your items or other materials on.

If you're interesting in having a booth in our dealer's area please contact us with the your name and/or company name and the type of product you predominantly wish to sell at