Game Closet Event
Wacon 2013 Wacon 2013

Merchandise Dealers

Confirmed Dealers:

The Game Closet -

Crimson Hood Hobbies

Bankston’s Sports Cards & Collectibles -

Topwise Games -

Solar Flare Games -

UNIGames -

Play Grim Games -

Bob’s Weekend Wonders


Elizabeth Vondran - Myzkyti Cosplays -
Galen Ihlenfeldt - artist and illustrator -

We offer two sizes of dealer booths in our main dealer hall. The hall is closed up and protected after hours. We also have artist/exhibitor tables. These are single table setups in the main walk through areas. However, you must load and unload each day on your own as these are not protected areas. We’ve redone our layout this year so that all of the events are on the top floor with most of the action happening in McLennan Hall, close to the dealers.

Artists & Exhibitor Tables (single table)- $75
These come with two badges.

Dealer Booths:
6’ x 8’ (two tables) - $130
8’ x 10’ (three tables) - $200
All dealer booths come with three badges.

Logo on Shirts & Links on Website (without a booth)- $100

Payment can be sent via Paypal to In your notes, lease include what booth or table you are requesting.
Then send your logo and URL to